The area I live in is surrounded by National Parks and stunning views so it's not hard to feel inspired and get painting which I've always loved doing. 

I describe my style as realistic with attention to detail grounded in tradition, however with a modern take on light and technique.

I research from a variety of sources, such as photographs I've taken, make my composition, block in, then follow this with layers of oil paint...it's all in the detail as they say.

I have a passion for honest, inspiring landscapes and nature. I love the lush feel and malleable texture of oil allowing techniques such as wet on wet painting.

My paintings are held in private collections and galleries, Im a member of a local art group and I have won awards for my work.

If you are looking for  piece of art that is unique, captures the subject with an element of realism then my work is for you.

You can see all my work in the collections page

Armchair Philanthropy is an organisation that assists artists who don't fit into the usual categories to get grants to help them get on with creating. Materials such as canvases, brushes, mediums and paints are all costly and it does all add up.

Click here  to have a look around their site.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and having a look around my page, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.