My workspace and studio...

When we think of artists workspaces we tend to think of a loft or a rambling space with oodles of room to move about , thinking and toiling away for hours...

Now lets get that idea out of our heads

I started out in our garage last year, a little space carved out in amongst the lawn mowers, weed spray, nuts and bolts etc. It was ok in the Autumn and Spring seasons however I either boiled in summer or froze in winter.


Then late last year I was promoted to our utility room in the house, a grand space measuring 2 x 2 meters. I didn't care though as I was INSIDE, warm and my paints weren't adversely affected by the temperature. 


Its worked out very well, lots of light and quiet time to get amongst it and paint. Occasionally I swing around and knock something of a nearby shelf and I do have to leave the room to stand and get perspective on the current piece but you know something, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Have a good weekend everyone.